My Startup Features

At Prolific London we take a great deal of pride in supporting and guiding startups through the tough world of business. Discover some of the most innovative and exciting new startup businesses right here.

eevie is an eco habit tracker that was carefully designed to help you improve your carbon impact by making small changes every day.

Splend provides eco-friendly and affordable cars to on-demand drivers, who work for companies like Uber.

Zen Educate works with over 4,000 teachers in London and Manchester to provide an online alternative to ‘pen and paper’ recruitment agencies, connecting teachers and schools directly.

Percept is an independent, external and impartial digital media auditor, privately owned and funded by a team of proven digital advertising pioneers.


International business travel can be difficult. AHOY acts as a digital flight concierge to make the process smoother and more reliable for travellers.

Audoo is aiming to revolutionise the fair distribution of music royalties through leveraging music recognition technology to be able to accurately monitor the music played in commercial spaces.

Smartlands was started in 2017 by a small team of entrepreneurs with a background in banking, finance and technology.

Airsorted makes hosting easy for everyone - providing a full service to simplify listing your home for rental online.

Giki is a mobile app that encourages users to live more sustainably by cutting their own environmental impact.


Hazy generates smart synthetic data that's safe to use, allowing companies to innovate with data without using anything sensitive or real-life.


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