My Startup Features

At Prolific London we take a great deal of pride in supporting and guiding startups through the tough world of business. Discover some of the most innovative and exciting new startup businesses right here.

Axate has been cited as a startup to watch by both Enders Analysis and The Reuters Institute of Journalism and was credited for innovation in the recent Cairncross Review into the sustainability of journalism.

Motorway provides a new way to quickly sell a used car, matching users with car buying websites and specialist car dealers.

UnderPinned is the dedicated platform for freelancers, helping professionals manage projects at every single stage, from sending a pitch to getting paid.

StorkCard is the world’s first FinTech app designed to help new parents budget and prepare for the financial shock of having a baby.

BrighterBox is a recruitment startup providing access to some of the most talented graduates in London.

HealthTech startup BioBeats was launched to help users take control of their mental wellbeing through its digital products.

Laybuy lets consumers make purchases online or in-store, then make payments over the course of six weeks on an interest-free basis.

eevie is an eco habit tracker that was carefully designed to help you improve your carbon impact by making small changes every day.

Splend provides eco-friendly and affordable cars to on-demand drivers, who work for companies like Uber.


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