A Week in My Life: Jess Myers, Brand and Marketing Director of Metro Bank

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by Josh Peachey

Jess Myers is responsible for developing and driving forward the Metro Bank brand and marketing strategy, alongside its customer communications.

Here, she shares what a week in her working life is all about.


Preparation for the week ahead in the Myers household starts on a Sunday night when my husband and I compare diaries and work through how we’re going to juggle the week ahead. And this week is going to be big – the out-of-home advertising for Metro Bank’s first ever brand campaign goes live!

My alarm goes off at 5.15am on Monday and I’m up and out straight away. Every morning as I commute into work, I start off listening to BBC Radio 4 Today and scan the papers on my phone. I then look through all the marketing media before settling into a podcast. I’m a huge fan of ‘How I Built This’ from NPR and today have chosen to listen to James Dyson’s story. I’m obsessed with the beauty of the Dyson brand and his incredible story. 

I walk past the Holborn out of home advertisement and take a moment to stop and admire it - finally, it all feels real! 

It’s 7.30am and I’m at my desk. Monday mornings are important to me as they set me on the right path for the week. With everything that gets thrown at you during the week, I like to stay focused on the key things I want to deliver, so I begin by pulling together five priorities. 

This morning I am working with our regional directors on plans to engage our store colleagues in the brand campaign and getting out into the local community with supporting activity, which we call ‘blitzing’. 

The rest of the day whizzes by, bringing me quickly to my Monday night bootcamp. By 7.30pm, I’m doing 100 burpees in the mud on Twickenham Green.


Today is the Board meeting, which is my first debut in front of the Metro Bank Board. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve been in front of any Board, so I’m feeling some nervous excitement.

This isn’t until the afternoon, so the morning is spent in an edit suite in Whitechapel making the final changes to the new brand film. It’s one of those moments when you’re full of pride and excitement, and I’m torn between sharing this version with the Board this afternoon or waiting until we have the finished product. I decide to wait. 

The Board meeting is a success as everyone loves the new campaign and is engaged with our plans for evolving the Metro Bank brand! I leave feeling proud of the progress the team has made, and excited for the next stage.


I’m no longer hobbling around with muscle pain from my Monday night bootcamp, so the alarm goes off at 5am and I get out of bed for a 35-minute Joe Wicks HIIT session. I love a morning workout – it gives me so much energy for the day ahead. 

We kick off every Wednesday with a team huddle. I’m hosting this week, as we’re using the opportunity to show the new brand film sneak-peek to our whole department. I hold my breath and watch the team’s faces as they watch the film and nearly jump for joy when they all cheer and clap and demand an encore – phew! The huddle is followed by our weekly leadership meeting, and after that, the weekly team meeting where I cascade all the key messages and check in with the team on priorities and challenges. 

I spend the afternoon with our marketing team and agency partners going through the work they’ve been doing on our new business banking proposition and creative design – I can’t wait to share it. I wrap up the day seeing the final edit of our brand film – approved! 


It’s another exciting day as this evening we’ve invited our colleagues to the cinema to see our brand film play live on the big screen, followed by watching 1917. 

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been meeting with several potential partner design agencies to work alongside our own in-house studio. After meeting with some excellent London agencies, we have selected our preferred one. I spend the morning working with our procurement and legal teams to finalise the important contract details to ensure we’re able to make the appointment next week and start getting excited about what’s in store for the future.

Off to the cinema! As we arrive, our outdoor digital adverts are playing on the huge billboard above the cinema entrance in Leicester Square, and our colleagues who starred in the campaign are posing under their own image for a picture. It’s wonderful to see how proud they are to be the stars of our campaign. We all settle into the cinema room with popcorn and everyone cheers as our brand film is played in the cinema for the first time.  


On Fridays, I try to work from home so I can walk my two children to school. My husband and I take turns with this each week, and there is always much excitement when they realise it is ‘Mummy day’ or ‘Daddy day’. Today, I get to start the day listening to my son doing his reading practise with his little sister and practise his spellings ahead of the Friday test. Then I try to keep up as my children scoot to school at an unbelievable pace.  

I make it back in time for a 9am call, and then the day escapes me in a flurry of final preparations for the brand film. My afternoon is spent with YouGov and our agencies who helped deliver the campaign - Mr President and Goodstuff - discussing measurement. There’s a lot of focus on ensuring we have a robust measurement plan in place to track our key metrics and measure brand performance before we go fully live.

Throughout the day, our internal network, Yammer, is buzzing with everyone talking about the out-of-home adverts and our six colleagues who are featured on them. I love seeing all the internal feedback first-hand - it’s so important to me that every one of our colleagues loves the campaign as much as our customers do.

I’ve promised to take the kids out for a Friday pizza treat as I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t been around much this week. I do a final check back through my list – yes, I’ve ticked it all off. It’s time to focus on my kids and enjoy a celebratory glass of wine.