A Week in My Life: Cameron Worth, CEO and founder of SharpEnd

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by Josh Peachey

SharpEnd is an IoT agency focused on connecting packaging, retail and experiential activity. It is a full-service partner to some of the largest global brand owners including Estée Lauder Companies, Pernod Ricard, PepsiCo, Mattel and Nestlé.

Cameron Worth, CEO and founder, takes us through a week in his working life...


My alarm clock is called Billie.

Each Monday starts with a (usually delayed) catch up with Rob, the most rock-solid MD I could have wished for. We have a trello board and I ensure there is regular digressions from HR, finance, cashflow, new business and recruitment matters. 

Shortly after is a projects update with the team, again with enough time for anecdotes in-between active and pending project discussions. The main topic of conversation was the recent event we held, where we announced our new interactive retail space in Shoreditch (called ‘CornerShop’). As part of the event we produced a mock-up of an interactive retail space which went down very well.  Our 4 evaluation points for any project are always:

  • How can we be more efficient next time?
  • What went well and why?
  • What didn’t go so well and why?
  • Did we enjoy ourselves?

I don’t take external meetings on Mondays so it’s always a solid admin day writing proposals and catching up on new business.


My alarm clock is called Billie.

Coffee on Kingsland Road and then a walk down the canal, stopping occasionally to fish Billie out of the river and half-apologise to a jogger doused in the canal muck that Billie has shaken off in their direction. I take full advantage of it being almost impossible for anyone to be annoyed with Billie. 

Lots of quick project meetings with the team (we limit internal meetings to 30 mins max), 2 new business lunches (went light on the first one) and then back to the office for a weekly catch up with the team in New York to make sure they’ve got everything they need (except ketchup). 


My alarm clock is called Billie.

Today I was chairing an event for food brands @ Excel. Main focus was leading the connected packaging session so I presented the overall landscape with case studies and then introduced some technology suppliers. 

Went back to the office for an initial creative response with one of our Swedish brands (we have 3 ongoing clients). It was an excellent meeting and as a result I’m back out there early December. I used to live in Stockholm, so it’s always a good chance to catch up with friends too. The project goes live in June so the fun starts now (our connected packaging process usually takes 6 months start to finish as a safe estimate).


My alarm clock is called Billie.

Today I was on a panel all morning discussing innovation in FMCG and the different ways you can incubate brands and services in large organisations. It was a rare experience to enjoy the other panellists comments, which might sound odd or combative but my experience has led me to expect people talking for themselves and not for the listeners.

Lunchtime every Thursday is my Italian course. 

More client and project stuff and then psychotherapy with David. This weekly slot is a time I hold religiously in my diary as it gives me so much. It helps me to perform at the level I’m expected to perform at for clients, colleagues and everyone else impacted by my reckless decision 5 years to set up the world’s first Internet of Things agency.

I started SharpEnd at 26 and on reflection I think I missed out on some crucial years of focusing on my personal development in favour of self-sacrifice to pioneer something that very few people believed in or were talking about. 

SharpEnd has been creating and spearheading an entirely new industry and I didn’t quite give myself the support needed on such a path. 

Towards the end of last year I was feeling quite unstructured and unable to feel that I was meeting all the demands of me (even to myself).  It was then that I started to admit that I needed external help and so after some searching I began with David. Since then we have worked together and it’s been transformational. It’s an ongoing and lengthy process but I feel that the benefits it’s brought have impacted the entire business and those around it.


My alarm clock is called Billie.

Today was a bit of a special one as I spent the entire day off-site with Rob and our non-execs planning 2020. We took up our usual battle positions - Rob set the agenda and I did everything I possibly could to distort it. Rob won, and the session was a real success with a lot of actions that left us all feeling very positive. 

We will be 30 people by June next year according to the plan and so 2020 is set to be a really defining year for the business, myself and our clients. It’s a privilege to be surrounded by good people with brilliant minds and this can continue as we get much bigger. 

5.30 and time to go home. I walk along the canal reflecting on…

  • How could I have been more efficient? 
  • What went well and why?
  • What didn’t and why?
  • Did I enjoy myself?