My Startup: The Pinter

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by Josh Peachey

The founders of Greater Good Fresh Brewery Co have created Pinter, a 'nespresso for beer' product that promises brewery-fresh beer for people at home.

Launched on Kickstarter, Pinter will provide customers with the ability to get beer as easy as they can get coffee from their coffee machines. Instead of coffee pods, the beer syrup comes in fresh presses and can be delivered through letterboxes on a subscription basis. 

Pinter creators Ralph and Alex also founded the successful Y Not Festival, which has had Noel Gallagher and Snoop Dog grace its stage.

They’ve gone from festivals to fresh beer because they want more people to experience the taste of fresh beer at home while making the beer craft affordable and sustainable.  

Launched: 2020

Founders: Ralph Broadbent and Alex Dixon

We spoke to the founders to find out more...

Pinter creators Ralph Broadbent and Alex Dixon

Why did you start The Greater Good Fresh Brewing CO? 

Having fresh beer at home has major benefits. It tastes better, it’s better for the environment, you can drink much better beer for less money. We realized the main reason people weren’t doing it was the technology – what was out there was complicated, expensive, unreliable and gave mixed results at best - so we naively set about developing what would become the Pinter.

With the Pinter we wanted to revolutionise home drinking. Craft beer has been a big movement, but the truth is that 90% of the country still drinks the tired usual suspects. The Pinter will transform how we can access and drink fresh beer in our own home all through a device with the latest patent technology – in the most sustainable way possible.

Tell us more about the company? 

We’re based in London’s new craft beer hub in Walthamstow, where we’ve spent the last few years tirelessly working on The Pinter, perfecting each part of the machine making sure we can truly offer the beer industry something different. Our patent-pending technology is ready to change the way people drink brewery-fresh beer at home. The Pinter ensures quality and offers flexibility with the beers available, so all customers preferences are met. The machine enables you to get a beer like we get coffee, from ‘pods’ but without the rehydrated nonsense, instead ‘fresh presses’ made and distributed by The Greater Good - a stylish, elegant device that you will actually want to be sat on your kitchen surface.

The Pinter is the only beer in the world that you can have delivered through your letterbox –and because there’s no alcohol at the point of sale there’s no need to sign for it. With minimal packaging and carbon emissions halved – The Pinter is not only the most innovative way to get beer, it’s also the most sustainable way to drink at home.

What exciting updates have happened recently?

We’ve recently finished our Kickstarter campaign with some great results. We received over 700 backers, who have pledged over £55,000 to help us to bring The Pinter to life. We didn’t expect this outcome and we’re super grateful to everyone believing in our venture. We are a couple of months away from officially launching our product to the wider world where we will be adopting a direct to consumer model, deciding against the supermarket route – in our opinion when starting out in this industry if you want to be truly innovative, bypassing the big supermarkets helps you achieve this much quicker.

What are your aims for the next year? 

2020 is going to be huge for us. It’s the year The Pinter is going to be released into the world and we hope that our machines will be in kitchens up and down the country, with people enjoying the freshest and tastiest beer from the comfort of their own home.

What’s been the hardest thing about getting The Pinter off the ground?

The hardest thing about this venture was to get The Pinter to where it is now. It’s turned out to be a project that took longer and cost more money to get off the ground than we first anticipated. We’ve been through some tough times to get us to this point and thankfully have got over certain obstacles which have really shaped us into the company we are today.

Why should more people be using The Pinter?

Because The Pinter truly is a market first and is accessible to every adult in the UK who drinks beer. Why pay £6 a pint for craft beer in a hipster café when you can drink it at home for £1.  From fresh lagers and IPAs to fresh fruit ciders, we offer beer for every type of drinker.

The Pinter is also convenient. Through our subscription service model, a couple of taps on the mobile and 24 hours later, you’ll have 10 pints worth of letterbox-friendly, premium quality Fresh Press delivered through your door.

How much will it cost customers to use and why is it worth it? 

We are dedicated to providing brewery-fresh beer to our customers at a reasonable price, therefore the Pinter will have a starting price of £70 per device. No one else does the delivery subscription service either. We are dedicated to being more sustainable, this means we use 70% less packaging and have a carbon footprint of less than half of the beers that you see on the supermarket shelf. Besides being affordable and sustainable, our beer tastes fresh and it tastes great! 

The Greater Good Presents: The Pinter