A Week in My Life: Tom Stevenson, Account Director for EMEA, Stein IAS London

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by Josh Peachey

Tom Stevenson is an Account Director for the EMEA region at Stein IAS. He heads-up the UK Head Office in London, on Tottenham Court Road. He takes us through a week in his working life.

Stein IAS is a global B2B marketing agency merging state-of-the-art technology with creative. The company is trusted partner to global B2B brands, connecting them with customers rationally, emotionally and financially.


The week starts with a busy commute to work on the tube. On the way, I read through emails or do some Sudoku on my phone to wake my brain up. Given that I only moved to London six months ago and I used to have over an hour’s drive into work, being able to do things on my commute is still a novelty. 

The majority of my Monday morning is spent catching up with our client services team, to discuss our accounts across EMEA. The focus is on planning the week ahead to ensure all our clients are being serviced to the best of our ability and that all our exciting projects are not hitting any roadblocks. Due to the time difference between us and our EMEA based clients - albeit small - we’re normally the last ones to wake up. So I hit the ground running and tackle my email inbox. 

In the afternoon, our Head of Industrial Marketing and I spend our time walking through an annual marcomms planning workshop for one of our EMEA clients based in Dubai. Their business has grown substantially in the last few years organically and through acquisition. They need help planning the marketing communications activity and prioritizing the work based on the time, budget and resource they have available. 

End of Monday; a motivating start to the week. 


Tuesday is always an early start. 

I’m a bit of a tea addict on these days. 

One of our long-standing clients based in Singapore has a catch up planned on current on-going projects. With the time difference being eight hours, early is the only time we can do together. 

They’re currently undertaking strategic planning projects with our Director of Strategy. We’re exploring their customers’ needs, both rationally and emotionally and aiming to develop a unique market positioning and a messaging framework to take them there. This strategic plan can then inform the development of a go-to-market and content strategy. 

The afternoon turns into a lot of fun. We’ve just finalised a three-part video for a client. A drone video, followed by two 360 videos on board a vessel. Out come the VR goggles and we start to turn the 360 videos into interactive 360-degree experiences. I’ve sent the client a video showing them how much fun they’re going to have at their next event. 

I end the day by getting to the gym, FaceTiming my partner in Paris (I try and talk with her once a day) and guilt-free, pick up some fish and chips on the way home. 


Wednesday is the best day of the week. 

Free office lunches - Dominoes, McDonalds, Pies and so much more. 

The morning is spent with my mind on food and going through a client brief for a new business meeting in the afternoon. One of our exciting, financial clients has asked us to speak with their UK marketing team in London about an upcoming project. 

It’s a chance for our Chief Strategic Officer and I to explain how we can help them with their brand to demand activity and go-to-market frameworks to help deliver results through their relatively new Marketing Automation platform. 

Afternoon comes and the meeting goes well. I type up the meeting notes and send them to our President, who has a call with the CMO next week. 

Time to go home and make dinner. And there’s time to squeeze in some FIFA.


Today’s going to be a long day. I’m going to see one of my UK based Industrial clients near Leeds, to showcase some of our creative Big Long Ideas. It starts with an early train from London to Leeds with our Creative Director and a bacon butty. I eat healthy, most of the time. I swear! 

Our Big Long Ideas are slightly different to what you normally see in advertising. They’re creative platforms that engage the multiple stakeholders of the B2B buyer journey across all digital mediums. It’s expansive and it’ll last the entire length of a customer buyer journey, which could be all of three years! It takes a lot to come up with these ideas. 

The meeting goes well and the client loves our first Big Long Idea (I did too). I pass on the good news to the creative team. 

I spend Thursday afternoon talking with one of our other UK-based clients. With the help of our Chief Innovation Officer, they are undertaking digital marketing transformation planning that is designed to help them simplify and fast track the development of an advanced, martech driven strategy. Fantastic work that they are going to take forward for the next three years. 

I get back to the office armed with an on-the-go tea and work late to catch up on emails. 


My first task on a Friday morning is to buy the whole team a (not so) nutritious bacon butty from Greggs. Yes, that’s two in a week. Don’t judge me. I then join a meeting with our Global President of Client Services about an exciting client meeting next week. 

Next, I go over a client workshop agenda with our Director of Strategy ensuring we’re capturing all the information we need during the session. It is a market positioning workshop for a new technology offering one of our client’s has acquired. We start looking at travel and joke about the fact she’s manged to find a plane ticket for £10 for a one-hour flight. Business Class with RyanAir certainly is value for money! 

As the week comes to a close, we all indulge in some happy hour agency drinks. It’s been a hell of a week!

I leave the office and go to meet my partner at St. Pancras. I pick her up and ask about her week. Then we settle in with a takeaway and an episode of Billions. And relax.