A Week in My Life: Edward Coram James, CEO of Go Up

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by Josh Peachey

Edward Coram James is the CEO and Co-Founder of Go Up, a digital marketing agency based in Shoreditch.

The agency utilises its world-class knowledge and experience of SEO, digital marketing, PR and design to help brands maximise their online potential and meet their online customers.

Edward takes us through his working week...



Working with an international agency requires me to wake up very early most mornings. On Mondays, I usually wake up between 5-6 AM PST, have my morning cup of tea, and work from home in order to coordinate with the London office. At this time, the workday in London is winding down. I have a video conference call with the Head of Strategy and Head of Content to discuss deliverables and ensure that the teams and accounts are aligned for the week. 

At 10 AM PST, the London office closes. For the following hour, I consolidate items and notes discussed throughout my meetings and email them over to my PA in London. Since there’s an 8 hour time difference between Los Angeles and London, she ensures that everyone in the agency is updated with deliverables and tasks the following morning.

After those emails are wrapped up, I make my drive over to Go Up’s Los Angeles office. By 11 AM - 12 PM I’m at my desk and meeting with the Head of PR. Go Up’s PR department is the newest addition to the agency. We opened up in Los Angeles in April this year, which makes it a very exciting time for us. As exciting as it is, I also need to ensure that the department’s foundation is strong and has everything it needs to run smoothly. To do this,  I make sure to meet with the Head of PR to discuss any top-level issues or concerns that need to be addressed. We also take this time to discuss the status and deliverables for our PR clients and new clients that are coming through the pipeline.   

In the afternoon, I jump on calls with my accountant to make sure our finances are in order. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the time of the year. Once that’s done, I start working through new client pitches for both London and Los Angeles; these include outgoing RFP’s as well as incoming inquiries. Sifting through inquires and churning out pitches can be a lengthy process, but on a good day I can usually finish up what needs to be done by 4 PM.

I head back home around 4:30 - 5 PM, then I suit up for my end of day surf. I find daily surfing and meditation essential in maintaining balance and reducing stress in my busy life. It’s healthy for the mind and body. Plus, this is the perfect way to detach myself from the technology and screens that I’m on throughout my workday.


The rest of my week, I basically repeat a similar routine to Monday, except I’m speaking and meeting with different people and teams.

Tuesdays are the team catch up day with the entire Go Up office in London. I like to make sure all teams are synced on deliverables and updated with any pressing or exciting company news.  I answer questions that team members may have regarding agency workflow, client updates, work in the pipeline, etc. This sync with the London office can take up the majority of my morning, but I find it very important to be available to my employees to offer support and answers whenever needed.

By noon, I have my daily call with fellow Go Up Co-Founder and business partner, Tom Skinner. We speak for at least an hour about everything business-related. We founded Go Up together in 2011, and we’ve embarked on additional business ventures over the years. Right now we are working on two other projects that are in exciting places. So in addition to discussing Go Up, we also go over our additional business projects to ensure that we’re on track for success.


Wednesdays are dedicated to business projects outside of Go Up. First task of the day: speaking with investors. My business partner and I spend quite a bit of time to speak to and strategize with our investors. Once we are ready for the next steps, we delegate tasks to various stakeholders including developers, suppliers, lawyers, future clients, etc. 

If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to grab a quick coffee or bite to eat in the early afternoon, but I’m usually on back-to-back calls until 3 or 4 PM. 


It’s back to Go Up on Thursdays, but it’s been very eventful recently. A few weeks ago, Tom and I received interest for collaboration from a well-renowned agency.

We’re currently in the beginning stages of this project, and while we coordinate with their directors, I’m also working on nailing down brand messaging and building out a team. 

I’m overseeing different aspects of this project, and it can feel like I’m being pulled in every direction, but we are looking forward to seeing our plans come to life in the coming months. From seeking and interviewing potential employees to speaking with copywriters and UX people, I’m making sure everything is in order and on track to meet our deadlines.

It’s calls all day for me again!


Fridays, the beloved end of the work week! Since our team in the Los Angeles office is still relatively small, we make an effort to work offsite in Malibu. We find it productive to work outside of the office and in a brighter, sunnier setting at the end of the week. 

In the morning, I sit down in a video conference call with Go Up’s Account Director, Head of Strategy, and Head of Content to go over the work that has been completed for the week. We ensure that our client’s deliverables and goals are being met. Following our meeting, I like to call up each of our clients to give them any updates and good news. I do my best to maintain consistent communication with clients and answer any questions they may have. It provides transparency and builds trust between us; keeping the client, and everyone, happy!

After lunch, I sit down with the PR team here in Los Angeles and we brainstorm ideas on how we can enhance our PR efforts in the US and UK. We spend a good hour or two strategizing PR efforts and campaigns for the coming weeks. 

Simply put, a week in my life involves plenty of calls, emails, meetings, more calls, then surfing and meditating at the end of the day. Nothing too glamorous, but when it gets down to it, I feel extremely lucky to work alongside such exceptionally intelligent and talented individuals.