A Week in My Life: Peter Hookham-Miller, Founder of PHM Group

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by Josh Peachey

PHM Group is an automotive marketing specialist with dedicated teams working for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as MG, Ford, Kia and Volvo, as well as their national sales companies and dealerships. 

They specialise in supporting brands, increasing sales and the effectiveness of sales channels.

Peter Hookham-Miller, the Founder and owner of the company, takes us through a week in his life… 


It’s 3.30am when my alarm goes off on a Monday morning, the same as it does every day of the working week. That might seem early to some, but it allows me the time to have a relaxed start to the day before heading into the office. 

At 4.30am I hit the gym. I find getting some physical exercise early in the morning really helps to clear my mind and leaves me full of energy. 

After a quick shower, I leave to get to our office in Angel at 8am. As the founder and owner of a busy marketing agency, I need to be prepared for anything that might come up ad hoc, as well as our planned activity, so the first thing I do is run through my calendar and priorities for the week. 

Today we have our monthly management meeting scheduled in to talk through any recent or prospective challenges, successes, new business opportunities, forthcoming pitches, and sales forecasting. This kind of structure helps to keep us aligned across all teams working on different projects. It’s also a great opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and get the creative juices flowing. 


After my morning workout, I get ready for the day ahead and sit down to have some breakfast at 6.30am. I usually pick something healthy that will keep my energy levels up throughout the day. 

Our team recently completed creating, designing and filming the new TV commercial for MG Motor featuring the new electric MG ZS EV which is currently airing on ITV. Following this, today I have a lunch meeting with the client to continue building on that relationship and talk through their strategic vision for the brand going forward. 

In the afternoon, I spend some time thinking about PHM’s forthcoming 30th birthday. I discuss some ideas to mark the occasion with our senior team, and together we start planning some activity around this. 

We have achieved so much since starting out in 1990 that I sometimes can’t quite believe where we are today. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to work with such an inspiring group of colleagues who have helped this agency grow from strength to strength. 


I’m on my way to the office to get to my desk at 8am. I like to arrive early so I can catch up on emails before any calls or lunches with longstanding clients I have scheduled in. 

Today I am also looking over a pitch deck for a potential new client. I look at the overarching strategy we are suggesting and ensure this will deliver what the client needs to meet their key goals. It’s amazing to be able to plant the seed of an idea that we as an agency can then nurture and bring to life for our clients and support them in achieving their commercial objectives. 

This afternoon, I pop to a local coffee shop to work so I can think through my strategic vision without distractions, all while enjoying a much-needed caffeine boost! 


This week has flown by – I just can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Today I start the day with circuit training and a protein shake for breakfast. 

I am incredibly passionate about driving our business forward in terms of client delivery and the technology we work with, so this morning I spend some time reviewing some of our internal processes and looking at where we have the potential to refine things as an agency. 

After another client lunch, I catch up with some of the agency Directors and Managers who are responsible for steering the teams and book in some skip-level meetings. Keeping up with everyone in the company keeps me on my toes, and helps me know if urgent issues arise, rather than waiting for them to get out of control.

As 5.30pm rolls around I decide to work from a nearby Belgian pub to get some urgent work tied up and then I head back home to the countryside on the train. 


The end of the week is here! I am working from home today, but my alarm still goes off at 3.30am so I can get in a workout and breakfast before sitting down at my desk. I think it’s so important to keep to a routine even when working remotely, so you can continue to work methodically. 

Today I take the opportunity to look over our new business strategy and ensure we are meeting the right touchpoints as an agency. Due to the nature of the business, this is something that constantly evolves, so I ensure this is being reviewed regularly. 

Following this and after tying up any loose ends from the week, I settle down with my favourite glass of red as it helps me think. I never really switch off, but that’s part and parcel of owning a business!