Top 10 in Tech: London's most valuable Music startups

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by Charlie Spargo

Drawing on the data available in Tech Nation's Data Commons, we're continuing our round-up of the most successful London-based startups, and this week we're looking at music.


Music technology company ROLI is best-known for inventing the Seaboard, a flexible, malleable, "super powered" keyboard.

Founded: 2009
Value: At least £87 million ($108 million)

2. Roxi Music System

Originally Electric Jukebox, Roxi provides hardware that can be plugged into the television, providing games, karaoke and curated playlists from a library of millions of songs.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £45 million ($56 million)

3=. MelodyVR

Live music in virtual reality - MelodyVR provides access to concerts worldwide through VR. Using a phone or VR headset, users never miss a moment and get to watch gigs from the best vantage points.

Founded: 2015
Value: At least £19 million (€22 million)

3=. DICE

Every event on DICE is chosen by a team of cultural tastemakers - the app helps users track down the best live music events in their area and book tickets instantly.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £19 million (€22 million)

5. Instrumental

The Instrumental platform helps media owners locate the finest talent using a data-driven music discovery platform, which draws on machine learning.

Founded: 2013
Value: At least £12 million

6. Blokur

Blokur is building the source of global music publishing data using blockchain technology and machine learning.

Founded: 2016
Value: At least £4 million ($5 million)

7. GigList

Users can search thousands of events, concerts and live music events with GigList.

Founded: 2017
Value: At least £3 million

8=. CueSongs

CueSongs simplifies the process of licensing music for small usages. 

Founded: 2011
Value: At least £2 million (€3 million)

8=. Encore Technologies

Encore lets users hire a band, musicians, singers and DJs for weddings, functions, corporate events and private events.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £2 million

8=. Headliner

Headliner makes booking live acts easy and painless. The platform connects event planners with the world’s entertainment.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £2 million ($3 million)