A Week in My Life: Katherine Sale, London Director of Operations at Croud

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by Josh Peachey

Croud provides services including SEO, PPC, content, programmatic, paid social and analytics for some of the world's leading brands, including Virgin Trains, AMC Networks, IWG and many more.

Founded in 2011, Croud is now one of the largest independent digital agencies, with four offices across the US, UK, and Australia, 176 staff, and 2,300 experts in the network.

Their London Director of Operations, Katherine Sale, shares what a week in her working life is all about...


My alarm goes off at 6am, no hitting the snooze button for me as I have to walk the dog, Sansa, and cook breakfast before my husband goes to work. The morning’s plans are put on hold as Sansa has been sick overnight, so need to dettol the floor before going for a walk. My mother arrives to look after Logan (my toddler) and I make a swift departure, arriving into the office for 9am. 

Monday morning in the office involves planning for the week, meeting with the teams to discuss objectives and any new business that we need to accommodate. Today is particularly exciting because we won three clients on Friday, and we have an event at Google this afternoon so need to practice presenting! 

The event kicks off at 2pm and provides an opportunity to tell Google’s Account Managers more about offering Croud as a Google Marketing Platform Partner. We conduct a series of presentations on what we do, followed by drinks to bond with the team. Presenting followed by wine is definitely the most enjoyable part of my day!  


Despite an early start, I am running late due to multiple nappy changes needed by my toddler, my home life schedule is run by human waste. 

Into the office for 9.30 and straight into a marketing planning meeting to discuss our new brand, Serpico. I spend the rest of the morning looking at events and case studies which we can use for the rest of 2019, to showcase the work we do. 

I also have quarterly performance review meetings with various teams today. This means I look over the plans each manager has set for their team and discussing objectives for H2 2019 with each. 

Last meeting of the day is a 4pm interview with a potential new team member. I love seeing how candidates respond to the briefs we set them. The briefs are always a bit of a challenge, but the good ones are when we are presented with a very individual approach or strategy. This one was great as I learnt a new acronym - FANGs. It stands for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. I didn’t know Netflix was in the same category as the other tech giants, it’s always interesting to take a look at how things are moving around you. 


It’s my day off today to spend time with my son. It’s actually harder work than being at work! I re-joined the London office last year following maternity leave, and Croud provided me with a great platform for flexible working. Following a 7am wake up (lie-in!!), we go to the park with my mother. It is exhausting running around the park in the July heat, but lots of fun. Dog walks and ice cream makes it one of the best days of the week. :)


This morning I am working on our approach to normalising mental health conversations in the office. I spent some time with the management team, going through my learnings from the St Johns Ambulance mental health first aid course which I recently completed, helping them get comfortable with conversations with team members about well-being.  

This afternoon I’m meeting with the Google tech team to discuss our machine learning projects. Things are moving quickly here as we have bolstered our new offering with the support of Google. We spend some time checking up on the status and planning tech executions for clients.

It 5.00pm, which means it’s time for our Summer Serpico launch party! The party is to celebrate the launch of Serpico, and we have invited all of our friends & family, clients, partners and Croudies. We all head up to the roof, where we have many drinks until it’s home time at midnight. Time for a drunken train journey home with a Delice de France baguette and cheesy smile.  


It’s 5am and my child sets off his lullaby teddy and wakes me up. Deathly hungover, I down a pint of water, before dragging myself out of bed.

Into the office for 9am and the mood is sombre. Many people overindulged last night, but the result is a lot of funny stories. Our office manager is to the rescue with a 10am delivery of Greggs bacon butties. Cheers everyone up! 

It’s time to perk up as we are filming the promotional video for Serpico today! I really enjoy working with Croud’s Creative team, they have so many great ideas about how we can get the messaging across. A few outtakes later (which we will work into our Christmas roundup video) and it’s a wrap! 

4pm rolls around in no time, meaning it’s time for Crouded House! We all head to the office bar and discuss the happenings from the past week. We switch around the host each week and this week it’s my turn! We always call out team members who have gone above and beyond, and always tie them back to our values of passion, imagination and integrity. A lot of shout outs to the office management team this week for organising such a stellar party!