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Rodrigo is the Founder and CEO of Ticketpass, a passionate proponent of social entrepreneurship with Tech for Good.

Growing up in Mexico City, Rodrigo was mostly raised by his mother after his father became quadriplegic when Rodrigo was only ten years old. Rodrigo learned the ultimate importance of helping others from his mother’s example. These experiences would shape Rodrigo’s motivation to build a company that could impact the lives of those in need.

Rodrigo created Ticketpass as a result of the frustration he and many others experience when forced to buy tickets in secondary markets where resellers increase prices. Realising that the ticketing industry had to be fixed, he set out to create a more ethical model, starting with an events platform. His vision is to fix an inflexible and broken industry while helping the environment and those of us born with the fewest opportunities.

Founder: Rodrigo Bautista 

Founded: 2017 (launched 2019)

We spoke to Rodrigo to find out more about Ticketpass...

Rodrigo Bautista, Founder of Ticketpass

Why did you start Ticketpass? 

It all started with the frustration of being forced to buy tickets in secondary markets. Resellers have this methodology of buying tickets in bulk to increase prices and make others pay ridiculous prices, plus the booking fees which need to be paid. It made me realise the ticketing industry needs to be fixed.

It’s unacceptable, given that some events become out of reach for hard-working people and an exclusive thing only the rich can access. We need to fix this, and make it fairer. Not only is it possible to achieve that, but I also wanted to prove that while fixing the ticketing industry, we can turn it into an engine for helping those in need as well as environmental causes.

Tell us more about the company.

Firstly, we are a social-impact company. At the same time, we consider ourselves to be a Tech for Good company that leverages technology to help provide a more ethical ticketing platform.

Our approach is simple: be fair and put people first. With Ticketpass, event organisers to create their paid or free events and have social impact - completely free of charge. With our “Give Back 50” promise, we've ingrained this into Ticketpass - by giving 50% of all our revenues from booking fees to charitable causes all over the globe, we commit to making ticketing social and ethical.

Where’s the business at right now? 

We recently launched in partnership with crowdfunding service GlobalGiving, which is an enormous show of confidence for us. This allows the Ticketpass platform to offer event organizers and ticket buyers more than 4,000 vetted community projects to choose from to donate to. GlobalGiving also allows donors to stay updated with the progress of the project they donated to.

What are your aims for the next year? 

Our goal now we've launched is to become a recognised brand in the events space and one of the event platforms of choice in the UK. Following that, we hope to take Ticketpass global, to bring ethical ticketing to the rest of the world.

We also plan to launch further features to our platform, as well as separate initiatives to counter ticket touting. Our ultimate goal is to spread our model of ethical ticketing in events to tickets of all kinds.

The Ticketpass team

What’s been the hardest thing about getting Ticketpass off the ground?

We’ve launched self-funded, which is always quite challenging. As a young startup-er and entrepreneur, every day brings about new, unforeseen challenges, but the biggest one that I faced was developing the current platform.

Most founders outsource the development of their technology or have a co-founder who is a developer. But I wanted to prove the concept of fair ticketing without technology first. The idea was to then use technology to scale it. It required a lot of patience, thinking ahead and building the best possible team.

Why should more people be using Ticketpass?

People should use Ticketpass because it’s better for event organisers and the world. Not only is it a better option economically for organisers and attendees involved because of the lower booking fees, we also give back to the world and contribute to protecting the environment. We also provide a way to give these causes visibility. Any event organised through Ticketpass helps to make people conscious of some of the issues affecting others who are less fortunate and born into difficult conditions. It’s about having an impact on global problems like climate change, poverty and education.

How much will it cost customers - and why is it worth it? 

Our booking fee, which is designed to be simple, fair and friendly, is 10%, but is capped at £5. This is only applicable to paid tickets. Our revenue comes from taking half of that booking fee, the other half goes to charity. This goes back to our “Give Back 50” promise.

And when it comes to free events, we actually don’t charge any booking fees at all!

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