Top 10 in Tech: London's most valuable MarTech startups

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by Charlie Spargo

MarTech companies blend the disciplines of marketing and technology.

As part of our efforts to find the most successful startups in London, this week the topic is MarTech. We're on the lookout for the MarTech startups that are making the biggest difference in the city - using cutting-edge solutions to optimise and simplify marketing for customers.

There are countless ways that modern tech is changing how companies reach new and existing customers - and London's burgeoning startup scene is at the heart of the innovation. 

Using Tech Nation's Data Commons, we found the city's highest-value marketing technology startups, and ranked them accordingly. Take a look, too, at our past investigations into Food & Drink, EdTech and FinTech startups to get an even fuller picture.

Ve Global

1. Ve Global

Ve Global uses intricate personalisation, seamlessly integrating advertising and marketing technology to engage potential customers throughout the entire online journey. It uses a wealth of existing data to uncover exactly what an individual is looking for.

Founded: 2009
Value: £300 million


2=. QuBit

Another pioneer of personalisation, QuBit uses tech to add relevancy and context to every single website visit. It offers an open ecosystem that allows for the collection of any data, and cross-channel personalisation.

Founded: 2010
Value: At least £128 million ($160 million)


2=. GlobalWebIndex

Data is king - and GlobalWebIndex provides a huge range of data for the use of marketers. They use a "panel" of more than 17 million to create insights into consumer behaviour unavailable elsewhere, and give marketing agencies and brands the capability to profile their audience in seconds.

Founded: 2009
Value: At least £128 million ($160 million)

Yoyo Wallet

4. Yoyo Wallet

British mobile wallet startup Yoyo enables consumers to make quick payments and get instant rewards. At the same time, it allows retailers to provide personalised offers and target customers with the purchasing opportunities that suit them, driving further sales.

Founded: 2013
Value: At least £96 million ($120 million)


5=. Yoobic

"Retail smarter" is Yoobic's strapline - which lets users optimise stores, operations and teams. Yoobic lets sellers maximise the impact of their stores to drive interest, as well as visualising the performance of every single location and making instant modifications.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £80 million ($100 million)


5=. Glassbox

Glassbox's innovation allows retailers to manage big data analytics - fully understanding what customers want and why. The platform performs an analysis on every website interaction, so the seller can optimise web experiences and identify any issues.

Founded: 2010
Value: At least £80 million ($100 million)


7. SuperAwesome

SuperAwesome is "the largest kids' digital marketing platform in the world". While working to ensure internet safety, SuperAwesome also lets brands responsibly engage a global audience of children. At the time of writing, there have been more than 12 billion "kid-safe" monthly digital transactions.

Founded: 2013
Value: At least £67 million ($84 million)


8. Verve

Verve lets companies harvest the power of passion - a global platform that brings young people closer to the things they love. It takes advantage of word-of-mouth advertising to help businesses drive enthusiasm in products, and lets under-30s find brands they identify with and believe in.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £59 million ($74 million)


9. LoopMe

Utilising mobile data and AI, LoopMe is an advertising platform designed to create outstanding video campaigns on mobile, desktop and connected TV. It manages to deliver an up to 300% boost on advertising returns - and its analytics tools allows companies to measure and optimize things like awareness, consideration, intent, store visits and sales, in order to maximise campaign results.

Founded: 2012
Value: At least £54 million ($68 million)


10. Attest

Market and brand intelligence agency Attest provides clear and well-researched insights professionals at any level can draw on. Attest's agile platform provides a complete market view, offering useful insights without having to wait weeks for sample data.

Founded: 2015
Value: At least £48 million