A Week in My Life: Chris Hogg, Managing Director EMEA at Lotame

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by Josh Peachey

Lotame is a data solutions company that helps publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement and grow revenue. 

At Lotame, Chris leads European operations where he is responsible for maintaining and increasing existing business and overseeing new customer acquisition.

Chris has more than 14 years of experience in digital ad technology and operations for Independent News and Media, France Telecom – Wanadoo / Orange UK and Unanimis. 

Here, he tells us what a week in his life is like...



I begin my day as usual with a 5:30am alarm call. Snooze control is in full operation until about 5:45am! Finally up and ready to start my day with a 20-minute drive to Stansted Airport (that happens to also be my closest train station) to catch the express train into London. Laptop open with the finest cup of an English breakfast tea (in a paper cup), I do a brief scan of the emails to see if I have missed any overnight emails from the US before diving into my usual trade press, Twitter and LinkedIn hungry for media news, gossip and to be educated.

An interesting article on Google Chrome’s ITP, third-party tracking and unified ID's this morning. A subject that has been very topical of recent, a subject area that Lotame is focusing on for 2019 and has been for the past year. Can a unified ID(s) support an open internet outside the walled gardens?

My Monday mornings are dedicated to reflecting on the past week's activity and planning for the week ahead. I conduct a team meeting to cover the client base before spending time with the sales team to prepare for the 2 pm weekly global check-in. Once, the Transatlantic information sharing is complete, I settle into working on the weekly to-do list.


Repeat operation snooze control! Train and tea whilst absorbing the witty commentary on first price auctions on LinkedIn.    

I’m greeted by good news this morning from Ross on my sales team. We have just been given the green light to draw up the paperwork on a piece of new business we have been working on for the past six months. With a skip in my step, I head out for my first of three meetings across London. My favourite type of day is spent travelling around London. It always reminds me of the early days establishing Lotame before we set up an office, nipping into coffee shops between meeting to take calls and catch-up on emails.

I attend a prospect meeting in Hammersmith and a client meeting in Soho before heading over to Canary Wharf to meet with one of our longstanding publisher clients Reach plc. The agenda is Lotame's roadmap and our recent PR around unstacked data solutions. I leave armed with some great feedback to share with our product and engineering teams plus Reach's support on one of our latest beta programs!

I then head back into the West End to grab beers with a bunch of industry folk, fully armed with the latest news on first price auctions from this morning! I conversationally hold my own! :)  


I get an early start, no time for snoozing this morning as I have a flight to Amsterdam to catch. I take my usual seat on the front row 1A Ryanair, sadly not BA business class. Coffee is badly needed this morning and served in an odd meshed filtered paper cup!! Checking my schedule, I’m excited about the next two days’ activity. I have two prospect meetings and three client meetings ahead of me.

I meet my team flying in from multiple London airports at Amsterdam Schiphol. First up, we have a challenging presentation with a large publishing group to highlight the benefits of unstacked data solutions. Then, we go to two quarterly business reviews with our clients Next Day Media and Azerion before a client dinner in central Amsterdam! 


This morning, I have a presentation with a Dutch Independent Agency focusing on data-driven content customisation and marketing automation. It is always interesting to discuss wider applications for our data solutions. 

Then onto the final meeting of our trip, a catch-up with our broadcasting client RTL before heading back out to the airport and finally, home. 


I get a later start today to walk my kids down to the local village school. It’s always a pleasant distraction and a reminder of why the daily commute is worth the extra time. 

Then, I head into town for a late morning meeting with The Ozone Project to discuss the progress on our partnership. I hold a personal appreciation for the work Damon Reeve and his team at Ozone are doing, as my own background and introduction to the industry is from the sell side. I have a very productive conversation, as always, with Damon. 

After the meeting, I head back to the office to catch-up with the Client Services team on the past couple of days of client activity whilst I have been away before jumping on the weekly call with our product team. Our second party data marketplace Syndicate is the topic this week as we’ve been seeing impressive growth - 460% in participants since 2017 and an overall increase of 273% global revenue.

The rest of the day is spent catching up on emails plus the usual office/staff admin before heading home. A takeaway and G&T awaits!