Where We Work: Forward Fooding, Huckletree West

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by Josh Peachey

Located at Huckletree West in White City, the Forward Fooding hub is the first shared workspace dedicated to the most innovative food and tech startups.

Powered by Forward Fooding in partnership with Huckletree, it’s the go-to place for startups looking to network, engage and partner up with like-minded food and tech businesses and the ideal environment to spark meaningful collaboration between established food organisations and startups.

Huckletree West is a workspace accelerator for tech businesses, entrepreneurs and corporate innovation teams across media, fashion and design industries. Based in the former BBC Media Centre, its a bold space designed to maximise productivity and inspire innovation.

Alessio D’Antino, CEO of Forward Fooding, told us why the space is so special...

“At Forward Fooding, our goal is to create the ideal workspace for like-minded food innovators to work, connect, collaborate and create - welcome to London's first Food & FoodTech innovation hub.”

The breakout space

Where is it?

Forward Fooding Food & Foodtech Hub, Huckletree West, Mediaworks, 191 Wood Ln, London W12 7FP

How big is it?

It is one big office! We have dedicated space and bespoke offices for the scale ups and startups that join us at the Forward Fooding Food & Foodtech Hub. 

It’s all about balance though - although we have an open plan co-working space, 40% of Huckletree West is dedicated breakout space for collaboration and chilling out, with a no-tech Meditation Yurt, sunken seating zone and podcasting booth for content creators. 

There is also an in-house Kids Studio designed for working parentrepreneurs, and as we share the office with ButternutBox, dogs are also welcome!

The co-working space in Huckletree West

What happens there?

At Forward Fooding, we help corporates an established food businesses to become more entrepreneurial via our workshops and training, scouting and our signature 12 week corporate/startup collaboration programme Blender, which creates mutually beneficial partnerships and innovation pilots.      

In the Food & Foodtech hub we have created a workspace where we are surrounded by inspiring FoodTech innovators who provide a backdrop of inspiration for the businesses we introduce to our office and the work that we do with them.

Who works there?

We have a team of six, plus five Foodtech scale-ups and a waiting list of new Foodtech startups joining us as we expand. We also have a vast network of experts and entrepreneurs who collaborate and contribute throughout the year. 

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