A Week in My Life: Gergo Csiszar, CEO and Founder of Post For Rent

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by Josh Peachey

Post For Rent is an online marketplace and management platform for content, offering an all-round solution for advertisers and influencers to manage their workflow and payments.

The platform is used by some of the world’s biggest brands like Nike, Uber, Aperol, Dove, Tampax and Actimel to run their influencer campaigns. Providing access to both micro and macro influencers, the site empowers brands to reach existing and new audiences for small budgets. Founded in 2016, the platform hosts 40,000 influencers and has a total reach of 520m worldwide. It recently raised $2m in funding.

Post For Rent describes itself as a 'one-stop shop for Influencer Marketing'. Here, the founder tells us what his working week looks like...


Usually, I begin my day with a HIIT workout but we’ve been blessed with good weather so I hop on my bike and went for a ride in the woods. Most of the route is downhill, so there’s ample opportunity for me to boost my adrenaline levels in preparation for the day ahead. 

Mondays are very much about laying the groundwork for a successful week. For this, we need to ensure that our department heads and management are all on the same page. 

To start with, I meet with the product team in our head office. I’m very product oriented, as is the rest of Post For Rent, so this is my favourite meeting. Over the course of an intense three-hour session, we take a deep dive into both our web and mobile app, our big data warehouse, and analyse the analytics.  

Next, I jump on a conference call to discuss progress with our international heads in London, Cape Town, Hong Kong and Berlin. We’re currently in the advanced planning stages for our next expansion, so when we aren’t discussing international sales, we’re working on the plan to move our head office to LA.

And of course, when the evening arrives, Monday means BILLIONS on HBO.


We’re currently on a big recruitment drive to support our sales expansion in South Africa, Germany and Poland, so I have a status meeting with our head-hunters to go through the applicants. 

We’ve developed a unique culture at Post For Rent, so I really do take my time with the selection process. I want to make sure that every applicant knows what kind of company they’re about to join and that their personality and drive is a match with our ethos, as this will allow us to all grow together.

After that, I’m off for a few hours to help my wife with the weekly CTG. Our baby is due in less than three weeks, so my fatherly duties have to come before my Post For Rent duties at the moment. From here on in, it’s all about my wife’s comfort, and the health of our little boy. He will be called Ivan and is the single most important thing in my life. 

Once back at the office, I make sure to check in with our talent management department. It’s become the biggest roster in our market in just six months and plays a central part in our expansion plans. We recently merged with a company called MCN, so we’re now able to monetize YouTube channels more effectively. 

The move helps us better manage content rights for our talent, as well as making it easier for us to source new sponsorship deals. This was an essential step for us to obtain full exclusivity for our talent. 

After everything else has been taken care of, its time to wind down over dinner with my wife.


Wednesday is strategy day. We have a number of different focuses, so there are multiple strategies in play here. Our platform is used by brands, agencies and talent managers and we also have a mobile app designed for influencers. This meeting is crucial to make sure that we’re aligned across both platforms. 

We’re also working on a brand-new project, the ‘Creator-shop’; a web shop that will sell our influencers’ merchandise. Any interested influencer can register to upload their branding, and we’ll handle the rest – manufacturing, shipping and collection of payment. If the beta goes successfully, then we’ll make it a full feature on the Post For Rent site, enabling influencers to sell their merch to fans with a few clicks.

My co-founder lives in Brussels, so I spend the afternoon preparing my slides for our weekly progress meeting. I also have to get ready for an important meeting in London with some of our investors. 

Away from work, I enjoy making music. The evening brings a session in my home studio to finish up all my outstanding tracks. I’ll probably have to cut down on studio time in the next couple of months, but I have some exciting releases coming up on Spotify with some very prominent artists, so plenty to keep me busy in the meantime! 


I kick Thursday off by looking at the status of our online performance Ad campaigns, reviewing how the conversion rates are looking in the UK, New York, South Africa, Berlin and Poland. I’m a product guy through and through, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the hustle of going through PPC strategy with our team.

After finishing off in the office, I have to travel to the airport to catch my flight to Brussels. We meet over lunch, discussing our current value drivers, revenue, strategy and our potential move to LA. 

After we finish, I meet with some potential new clients. We’re currently in advanced discussions for an exclusivity deal for the entire Benelux region with another prominent digital agency. In real-terms, this will mean the agency will become the local Post For Rent, and we will restrict other companies from using the website. In these cases, we provide the product, with all sales activity then being taken care of by the local partner. 

My day ends with me meeting some friends for dinner. Lots of laughs and late taxis.


I have a quick conference call with our CTO and CPO on the weeks’ progress while I make my way to the train station. I’m on the way to London for some important business meetings; we’re currently in the process of finding a Series B investor, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

One of the best parts of this week was catching up with my friends at The Hello Group – one of our most important partners for our UK and US expansion. Talk turns to discuss plans for our Vidcon LA activation and afterparty with BroadBandTV. We killed our official Featured Creator afterparty for Vidcon London so this time will be no different! We also talk about the plans for our mutual LA office. Taylor, Ed and Kyran (The Hello Group’s founders) are good pals of mine, so it’s always a pleasure whenever we get to catch-up.

I catch a late afternoon flight back home to spend the weekend with my wife and prepare to become a dad. I guess it’s really time to build a legacy now!