A Week in My Life: Georgina Iceton, Senior Director International Partnerships, AEG Europe

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by Josh Peachey

Georgina Iceton is the busy International Partnerships Director at AEG Europe, who create some of the world's biggest events.

She leads on international partnership deals for all AEG's locations, tours, and landmark events outside the United States, which in the past have included deals with American Express, DHL and Marriott. It means liaising and meeting with clients around the world, before returning to her British base.

We found out exactly what a recent week of hers comprised... 


Thankfully it’s Easter Monday and I’m off with the kids at a place in Dorset, we’re up early for a quick swim before heading back to Surrey. A quick unpack and a clean of my car (I only ever think my life is in order if the car is clean) and I feel ready for the week ahead.


I’m working from home today as I need to catch up on some work and the quietest place to do this is at home where I have no interruptions. I’m late getting a contract out; working with the international teams across China, Australia, Germany and Argentina means that sometimes my work is like herding cats. Over the Easter break many of these countries sent their work back so a quick consolidation of the contract and it’s out of my email box by 7.20am. Phew. Priority number one dealt with.

After a steady day of calls with the team, some reporting and some contract reviews, I go and grab the kids from school and put them to bed just in time to join a call with our LA office at 7.30pm. We finally wrap up at 9pm – too late for dinner so I just close off a bit of final work for the day and try to get to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.


4.30am the alarm goes off and I’m up and out of bed to make the 7.30am Eurostar to Paris. My emails from the US have gone crazy overnight and so whilst I’d downloaded some programmes to watch on the journey my inbox has other ideas and it’s a busy morning reviewing more contracts. I meet my boss on the train and we travel together dividing our work to try and cover as much ground as possible. When we arrive at Gare du Nord we’ve been so busy working we’ve forgotten to sort any transport on arrival so attempt the French metro system.

Two hours later we emerge from the tunnels underneath Paris – think we might have got a bit lost but we’re just in time to grab a salad before heading into our meeting. Our negotiations today are with a new partner who the relationship already seems really collaborative with, and we have a great and productive meeting.

Back at the station and the queues are dreadful to get back on the Eurostar. We have a conference call to join and manage to stand in line and do passport control all whilst on the phone to our LA and London teams.

On the train we finally enjoy a much deserved gin and tonic, thank goodness.

Home for 10pm and off to bed.


Up at 6am to get sorted for the day and see the kids before work. Today I have back to back conference calls starting with Australia and China and finishing with LA at the end of the day. One of the team has just landed a huge late partnership for one of our festivals and we jump on the call with the partner to go through all the updates. Thankfully my team have nailed the work and it’s a really productive call and a happy partner. I love how everybody within AEG is so self-dependent and committed and I know I can fully trust my team.

Home in time to see the nanny and put the kids to bed.


I’m not supposed to work today but realised I was supposed to submit my Week In My Life summary and so the laptop is back open and here I am. Whilst my emails are open I can see lots of work coming through and it’s hard to resist the temptation to get stuck back into work… oh no, here I go!