A Week in My Life: Emma Rush, President of gyro UK

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by Josh Peachey

Emma Rush is the new President of gyro UK. She tells us what her first week was like on the job.

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6.15am. Wake up with a tornado of emotions: extreme excitement, imposter syndrome and the worry that I’ll slip into to auto-pilot and take the wrong tube journey to work. This is my first day as UK President of gyro, a full-service B2B communications agency.

9.00am. Arrive in the right place on time. So far, so good.

Spend the morning with my new management team who tell me what I need to know and do that week (hope I can add more value by Friday). It’s the beginning of the new year so the focus is on finalising 2018 figures and planning the year ahead. With significant growth last year, a number of new clients about to land and a great new business pipeline, thanks to an amazing team, we are in good shape for 2019.

At lunchtime, there is a ‘Huddle’ and I introduce myself to the whole agency. 100 people turn up to meet me – obviously nothing to do with the free pizza on offer.

Kick off the afternoon meeting client leads and department heads to get up to speed on all our clients. Massively impressed by the bright people I meet.

Make it through day one. Go home exhausted but happy. 2019 is going to be great.


My 18-year-old daughter has ‘borrowed’ my make-up. At 6.15am I am crawling around her bedroom floor to recover blusher, mascara and foundation. Manage to get to work on time.

Spend the morning meeting the wider agency team in small groups. I have heard so much about the amazing gyro culture - genuine collaboration and zero politics – and so am keen to experience this first hand. Am delighted to report that everything I have heard is true.

The afternoon is all about new business. Have a meeting with the management team to agree which opportunities to pursue. Given the time investment involved in pitching, it’s critical we prioritise. We discuss the value of each opportunity: Can we win? Is it right for the agency? Will people be excited to work on it? Spend two hours reading and learning case studies. It’s like cramming for an exam. I need to be fluent, so I can talk about them knowledgeably.

Get home and my 17-year-old son asks me when my new job starts. Told him I started yesterday. Glad to know I’ve been missed. Looking forward to tomorrow – he’s back to school!


6.30am. My son can’t find clean pants, an ironed shirt or his school pass (without this he can’t get into the school or buy lunch). Make breakfast for him whilst chatting away about the importance of working hard this term, doing his homework on time. Things are going well as he’s not yet argued back, then realise he’s got his Apple AirPods in and I’ve been talking to myself.

9am. Greeted by a beautiful bunch of flowers from our global CEO welcoming me to the team. Lovely start to the day.

Exciting morning of meetings discussing how we innovate our media and strategic offering. By lunchtime we have a clear plan to discuss with the FD.

Spend the afternoon introducing myself to clients by phone or by email and setting up meetings with them over the next two weeks. 

Leave promptly as have a meeting with the CEO of Instructus, a charity providing training courses for the under-served and left behind, giving them the skills that they need to overcome the challenges they face. I’m a Trustee and am helping develop 2019 plans in advance of the board meeting at the end of January.

Get home late, my husband hands me a glass of wine and supper is on the table. My daughter announces that tomorrow is her UCAS submission deadline.

1am. UCAS personal statement written. 


Remembered to wear Apple Watch today to monitor my physical activity. Powerwalk from home to tube and from tube to office. 

9.30am. My first pitch meeting. An exciting, innovative global tech client. Great meeting and my first chance to chat about gyro and how we can help them with their brand positioning, brand architecture and sales enablement activity. Send meetings notes to the US team who have a call with the CMO on Monday. Fingers crossed.

11am. Call with gyro’s Manchester office, a chance to catch up on 2019 plans and new business activity. Discuss how we leverage talent more effectively across the two offices.

3pm. Hit my Apple Watch activity goals by 3pm - one of the benefits of running up and down the stairs in our four-storey building. Momentarily consider increasing my activity goals but decide just to enjoy the moment. 

5pm. Meeting with B2B International, the world’s leading specialist B2B market research company acquired by our parent, Dentsu Aegis Network, last year, which is now part of gyro.  Blown away by the business challenges they can solve and look forward to working with them and increasing the value we can offer our clients.
Work late to catch up with email and read through our RFI submission for an amazing B2B branding project.


Leave home early as have an 8.30am client call.

10am. Meet with gyro’s Global President and discuss key priorities for 2019 and understand how global plans will support us in the UK.

Take a moment to update my 100-day plan before diving into more onboarding meetings.

4pm. Agency drinks. Decide it’s too early for a glass of wine for me, but enjoy the chat and banter.

6pm. Just finishing my one-to-one with the MD when one of our strategists pops in, with a glass of red wine, to say hello.

6.45pm. As I jostle for space in the overpacked tube train home, I reflect on my first week at gyro: great people who care about each other, our clients and doing great work, plus an amazingly supportive management team. 

7.30pm. Cook dinner and chat with my husband over a glass of wine. 

10.30pm. Fall asleep watching The Graham Norton Show.