My Startup: AndCo

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by Josh Peachey

My Startup examines some of the capital's most innovative and exciting new businesses. This week, we take a closer look at AndCo - an app that connects people looking for somewhere to work, with spare desks or tables in locations across London.

Ideal for freelancers, people without an office, or those who simply struggle to work at home, AndCo uses an incredibly simple membership scheme that grants users unlimited use of independent cafes, workspaces and bars all over the capital. As well as helping people discover venues for working and meetings, the app also helps drive traffic for smaller independent businesses. 

Founders: Sanj Mahal

Founded: 2018


We spoke to the founder Sanj Mahal to find out more about AndCo. 

Sanj Mahal, Owner and Founder of AndCo

Why did you start AndCo?
We looked at the offerings for freelancers or remote workers and they were pretty limited. You either have to work from home, crowded coffee shops or splash out on co-working spaces. We all started noticing a lot of spare space that existed in food and beverage venues. Why couldn’t they be used?

The beauty of it is, they can, and the venues are used to strangers on a daily basis. Venues have already started trying to attract freelancers and make their venues more work friendly, we are just formalising that behaviour. We different have to re-orientate the behaviour, it already exists from both venues and users.

Tell us more about how it works?
Our venues list a number of “desks” on our platform and our members pay a monthly subscription to be able to book their own dedicated space by the hour. We also put in our own wifi so our members have a unique login across all sites. They book for what they need and it drives footfall to venues who have quiet times during their day.

AndCo already have over 60 locations participating in London

Where are you at right now?
We have over 6,000 signups, several hundred weekly active users and over 60 venues now live in London. We release new venues on a weekly basis, with around 100 venues that are launching over the next couple of months.

What are your aims for the next year?
Quite simply, to grow our community of members and our venues. Other cities in the UK are weeks away from launching, and European cities are also just months away - it is a great market for us.

Users can select a workspace and make bookings on the mobile app

What's been the hardest thing about getting AndCo off the ground?
Making people believe the price, they couldn’t believe there are no additional costs.

Why should more people be using the service?
We offer a new and smarter way of co-working. Our users can choose where and when they work and have the flexibility to support independents.   

How much will it cost users? - and why is it worth it?
£20 a month all in and you get the first month for free. Our users have the guarantee of having their own bookable space with the reliability of fast AndCo WiFi and access to a growing community of like-minded people. Oh and some of our venues also offer discounts on food and drink.



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