Five for Friday: Our pick of the best tech podcasts

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by Sian Bradley
Five tech podcasts to listen to

With podcasts being more accessible than ever, it's easy to waste time looking for ones that you can really sink your teeth into.

We've hand-picked five of our favourite podcasts that'll help keep you tuned into what's going on in marketing, business, tech and innovation. 


Tech Talks

Hosts: David Savage, Jack Pearce

Started: November 2015

Location: London

This weekly podcast reaches over 10,000 technology experts and entrepreneurs a month. It discusses the big issues facing technology with a particular focus on telling the life stories of technology pioneers through interviews. Guests who feature on the podcast come from companies such as Tesla, Telegraph Media Group and TUI. This podcast is more of a relaxed entertaining chat at the pub than a boardroom meeting.

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Internet Marketing

Hosts: SiteVisibility

Started: 2006

Location: UK

‘Internet Marketing’ does what it says on the tin by providing practical advice to internet marketers or small start-up businesses that are carrying out their own marketing. 

Produced by the team behind digital marketing agency, SiteVisibility, the podcast is now more than 300 episodes strong, including interviews from high-profile marketers such as Seth Godin and New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss. Recent episodes discuss everything from page speed optimisation to how AI affects social media advertising.

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How I Built This

Host: Guy Raz

Started: September 2016

Location: Washington DC

A podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the movements they've built. Popular speaker Guy Raz interviews the bright minds behind some of the world’s most successful startups and biggest companies to find out how they got to where they are today. This is a must-listen for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs who want to be motivated and get the inside scoop on common challenges they could face.

Whilst it mainly focuses on tech startups, it also bags guests from leading businesses such as Instagram and Starbucks. The majority of companies are USA based, but many have a global reach.

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The World of Business

Hosts: Various

Started: 2010

Location: UK

Want to hear about the evolution of content consumption, the future of 5G, and the road to electric cars? The World of Business produces bitesize half an hour specials on topics shaping business in the UK and beyond, featuring content from both BBC Radio 4's In Business programme and Global Business from the BBC World Service. These podcast episodes feature audio commentary and interviews with a diverse range of experts.

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Talking Stack

Hosts: David Raab and Anand Thaker - moderated by Amit Varshneya

Started: 2018

Location: San Francisco, Guatemala

To finish off, this American podcast is perfect for anybody who wants to swot up on what's happening in the MarTech world. Published as part of MarTech Advisor (MTA), the show is hosted by Anand Thaker and David Raab often joined by MTA CEO Amit Varshneya and MTA Editor Chitra Iyer. Tune in for commentary on a range of Martech trends and topics, such as Adtech, voice, search and AR.

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