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Barac solves an unaddressed area of cybersecurity; how to detect and stop malware that’s hidden inside encrypted internet traffic.

Paul Atherton, Director of Partnerships at Immedia, tells us what he gets up to during a typical week in his life.

Shnoosee Bailey, HeyHuman

Shnoosee Bailey, executive creative director at behavioural communications agency HeyHuman, shares her belief that the recent ban on gender stereotypes in adverts is a reason to focus how the industry treats men as well as women.

Chris Hogg leads European operations at Lotame - a data solutions company that helps publishers, marketers and agencies grow.

Each week, Prolific London is going to be taking a look at the top rapidly growing startups in the city.

James Bennett, BitAssist

James Bennett leads research & advisory firm Bitassist, which specialises in Blockchain and Cryptoassets.


This week (June 17th to 21st) is Loneliness Awareness Week. Socially, an app created by DJ Newman after being made aware of just how many people in the country struggle with isolation, is tackling the issue.

Henrique Aragao, G2’s new EMEA VP & General Manager takes us through a week in his working life, including the launch of their London office.

Rakefet Yacoby From, Mayple

Rakefet Yacoby From is CMO at Mayple, the service that matches businesses to digital marketing professionals.

Dave Trott, OLIVER

Lee Trott, senior copywriter at OLIVER, is bored of Brexit - but he thinks there's actually something the creative industries could learn from how it's all been handled.


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