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Take a look through our feature articles, including insights into some of the most exciting and best-known brands, as well as interviews with and insights from the people who run them. Don’t miss a trick or skip a beat with Prolific London’s featured articles.

Percept is an independent, external and impartial digital media auditor, privately owned and funded by a team of proven digital advertising pioneers.

CvE stands for Control vs. Exposed and Paul Frampton, the agency's European President, is also the former Chief Executive of Havas Media Group UK & Ireland CEO.

Following our successful Top 10 in Tech series on Prolific London, we’re continuing by looking at different types of startups born in London.

Raphael Rodier, Ogury

Raphael Rodier has worked in digital marketing for the past 15 years, previously working as Director at AdUX.


International business travel can be difficult. AHOY acts as a digital flight concierge to make the process smoother and more reliable for travellers.

Waldo is a direct-to-consumer contact lens startup, currently disrupting the traditional eye care industry.

Fox, Creative and Marketing Director at Pukka Herbs, explains that just talking the talk is no longer enough - it's time for companies to lead the way and work hard for a better world.

Drawing on the data available in Tech Nation's Data Commons, we're continuing our round-up of the most successful London-based startups, and this week we're looking at music.

Sofia Savvidou-Gianniri, ECI Media Management

One of the world's largest media audit consultants, ECI helps large clients get the very best returns from their media investments.

Audoo is aiming to revolutionise the fair distribution of music royalties through leveraging music recognition technology to be able to accurately monitor the music played in commercial spaces.


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