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Take a look through our feature articles, including insights into some of the most exciting and best-known brands, as well as interviews with and insights from the people who run them. Don’t miss a trick or skip a beat with Prolific London’s featured articles.

Ria Campbell, Southpaw

Last week, the ASA came down hard on Philadelphia and Volkswagen in the first action against harmful gender stereotyping. Ria Campbell, Head of Content at Southpaw, who oversees output of the agency’s content division, casts her eye over the nature of the debate - and whether what the ASA did was a good thing.

We're interested in finding and identifying the most successful startups coming out of London. This week, we're checking out startups operating in recruitment.

Luke D'Arcy, Momentum Worldwide

Luke D'Arcy, UK President at experiential advertising agency Momentum Worldwide, understands the power that sabbaticals can have. Step away from your business to gather the kind of new ideas and perspectives you can implement later on.

Nextatlas makes business predictions by analysing web and social-media data patterns and developing key insights for brands and their marketing strategies.

Kuldea is a furniture comparison site that allows people to discover and compare products across a number of retailers.

Wand Education is a technology platform that supports primary and secondary school teachers by providing access to a growing marketplace of high-class online content.

We're looking at the most valuable startups coming out of London. This week, we're checking out startups operating in the sports world.

Sonika Sharma, Agent 42

Sonika Sharma, PR Manager at Agent42, shares her insights about how influencer marketing can be restored to its former glory, if only brands would understand the importance of engagement.

Chris Whittle, Experience12

Chris Whittle runs Soho's "pop culture marketing agency" Experience12, bringing more than 20 years’ experience in the world of entertainment and events with him.

Callum Saunders, Zeal Creative

Callum Saunders, Head of Planning at Zeal Creative, whose offices are in MediaCityUK, Manchester, and Hatton Gardens, London, explores what really motivates the often-misunderstood generation - drawing on their research titled 'Buying Into Better'.


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