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Take a look through our feature articles, including insights into some of the most exciting and best-known brands, as well as interviews with and insights from the people who run them. Don’t miss a trick or skip a beat with Prolific London’s featured articles.

Nadya Powell, Utopia

Nadya Powell is Co-founder of the culture change business Utopia, which works with companies to help build more purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures.

Growing up in Mexico City, Rodrigo was mostly raised by his mother after his father became quadriplegic when Rodrigo was only ten years old. Rodrigo learned the ultimate importance of helping others from his mother’s example. These experiences would shape Rodrigo’s motivation to build a company that could impact the lives of those in need.

Deputy is a workforce management app that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasks and workplace communication.

Utilising Tech Nation's Data Commons service, Prolific London has taken a look at the most valuable London-based startups focused on security - including apps, tools, SaaS companies and AI-driven solutions.

Philipp Skribanowitz, Mimi Hearing Technologies

Founded in 2014, Mimi is the world’s leading provider of hearing-based audio optimisation technologies.

Dr Vivian Chan is the Founder and CEO of Sparrho, a science discovery platform that blends AI with human curation to help people stay on top of science.

We're investigating the most successful startups in the city - and this week, we're looking at those combining tech and creativity in the fashion world.

Paul Sampson, Lickd

Music licensing startup Lickd supports YouTube creators who want to use fully licensed music on their content.


CENTURY Tech uses AI to create an intelligent teaching platform - and in its short few years has already changed lives.

At the start of this year, Tim Irwin went from the COO to the CEO of Essence EMEA, an integrated agency with offices across the world.


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