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Take a look through our feature articles, including insights into some of the most exciting and best-known brands, as well as interviews with and insights from the people who run them. Don’t miss a trick or skip a beat with Prolific London’s featured articles.

Liz Hopkins

Liz Hopkins is Board Director at Better Placed. From their London office, she focuses on placing only the best candidates in middle to senior marketing roles across the region.

Jimmy Robinson, Co-Founder of PingPong Digital, examines the rising number of Chinese tourists in the UK and looks at how we can encourage them to spend on their holidays.

Jennifer Hakim, Founder and Director of her self-titled PR and Marketing agency on Old Street in Shoreditch, takes us through a week in her working life.

As part of our weekly My Startup feature, we take a look at some of the best startups in London. This week, its Xarista, a web personalisation platform for retailers.

Five tech podcasts to listen to

Here are five tech podcasts that you can really get your teeth into whatever time of day.

Emma Rush is the new President of gyro UK. She tells us what her first week was like on the job.

Tryatec founders Sabine Opris and Elena Sokolova

Founders Sabine Opris and Elena V. Sokolova share insight on the tech rental marketplace

Jeremy King

The first What I've Learnt for Prolific London comes from Jeremy King, CEO and founder of Attest, the Southwark-based market and brand intelligence agency.

Mathias Upton-Hansen Co-founder of Blacklist Creative discusses how the rise of client ‘in-housing’ within creative services is an opportunity, not a threat.

Simon Wharton

This week Simon Wharton, MD of PushON, runs us through a week in his working life.


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