Five for Friday

This week saw the number of women holding top positions in FTSE 100 listed companies dwindle to just five following the resignation of Veronique Laury as CEO of B&Q and Screwfix owner, Kingfisher.

One of London’s most successful recent startups, Revolut, found itself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons last month.

It must have been an exciting time to be in business a hundred years ago: The First World War had just ended, commercial motoring and aviation were just revving up and the world was looking forward.

We're all video makers these days. Whether it's shooting a clip of our furry friends to share on social media or a major production for a global brand, video content is without doubt one of the fastest growing areas of the digital world.

The UK’s public relations sector is worth about £14bn and covers everything from managing celebrity and sports reputations to corporate product launches and brand development.

It’s estimated that by 2023 there could be as many as eight billion digital voice assistants in use around the world. That’s more than the human population of our planet, which stands at around 7.53 billion.

Mention cryptocurrencies to most ordinary investors and they’ll probably tell you they wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.

This year a number of potentially game-changing new technologies will be let loose on the world, so we’ve been assessing which ones are likely to be the main players set to change all our lives.

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