Macclesfield agency has a full House after just nine months

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by David Prior

Macclesfield-based House has gone from 0 to 10 in just nine months after picking up a series of new client wins.

The full service marketing agency only opened its doors in August but has won briefs from jewellery supplies company Cookson, independent jeweller Green and Benz and organic French wine label Tour de Belfort.

Some of House's work for Green and Benz Some of House's work for Green and Benz


The team is led by managing director Christine Colbert, former head of The Gate Design Group and account director at Gyro International, BJL and TBWA.

She said: "All of the principals here at House have left the industry at one time or another over the years. One way or another we all felt the same in that many agencies have become very process driven, whereas it used to just be about producing great advertising, building brands and shifting product.

"It was very refreshing for me to find like minded people with excellent pedigrees who felt the same. For a long time I thought it was just me. So it seemed a natural fit for us to open an agency based on some really straightforward principals with a very honest and simple approach.

"In other words, we’re one agency that tells it like it is. And you wouldn’t believe the way that clients breathe an almost audible sigh of relief when they see the way we approach things."