Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions - for any more enquiries, please email news@prolificlondon.co.uk.


What is Prolific London?

We're a hub for the creative, digital and marketing sectors from across the capital. We publish the latest stories from a range of industries, including marketing, media, business and tech. We also host a number of award evenings, training courses and events to celebrate work from these sectors. 

How do I contact the editor of Prolific London?

David Prior is the Editor of Prolific London. He can be contacted on david@prolificlondon.co.uk

How do I apply for a job at Prolific London?

If there are any job vacancies, they will be advertised in the Jobs section of the site. Job opportunities are also publicised on our Twitter Feed - @ProlificLondon

I am a writer, can I write for Prolific London?

We often publish opinion features that have been sent into Prolific London. To pitch a piece, email Josh Peachey on josh@prolificnorth.co.uk 

How can I sign up to the Prolific London Newsletter?

Want all of the latest industry news delivered directly to your email inbox? You can register for our daily newsletter here, which is sent out Monday to Friday.


Can I submit a news story to Prolific London?

News stories are covered by our Prolific London journalists, you can send in tip-offs, press releases, or just share newsworthy information with the newsdesk by sending an email to news@prolificlondon.co.uk.

Can I submit a news story about my own company?

Whether your company is launching a new product, has had an exciting client win, expanding, reducing in size, or just has an important update that needs to be shared, let us know by sending us an email to news@prolificlondon.co.uk.

Can I submit a press release to Prolific London?

We love to hear about client wins, appointments, expansion plans or other newsworthy things happening companies, startups and agencies in London. Please send press releases to news@prolificlondon.co.uk.

What criteria must my story meet to be published on Prolific London?

Primarily, the story must be accurate and relevant to our readership. We cover the marketing, tech, digital and creative sectors in London. Please attach hi-res images to accompany the story. 

How do I request a correction on a news story?

If something we have reported is factually incorrect, please do let the author of the piece know. You can find contact email addresses here

What industries does Prolific London cover?

Prolific London's editorial team cover stories from a range of industries such as marketing, tech, digital, campaigns and business.

I am located in the South of England but not London, can I submit a news story to Prolific London?

Currently, Prolific London is only covering news from and events taking place in London.


Does Prolific London organise events?

Prolific London organises a number of different events, very often in conjunction with Don't Panic Events. Events like the exclusive sector dinners and the awards nights will require ticket purchases. Other events, such as our Roundtables, are invite-only. 

What kind of events does Prolific London run?

Our events include award nights, industry expos, networking dinners, roundtable discussions and training sessions. We bring professionals together in order to improve and celebrate the work done by companies across the region.  

Can I work with Prolific London regarding my own event?

We only currently publicise Prolific North and Prolific London events in the Events section of our site. We are looking at creating an events board where you can post listings about your own events - stay tuned to find out more.

How can I buy tickets for a Prolific London event?

You can find out more about specific events from the Prolific London Events page. Within the specific event listing, there will be a link which will take you to a different site to buy tickets or register to attend an event. 

What are the Prolific London Awards?

We believe that the fantastic campaigns, content and solutions created by London companies deserve to be rewarded. Our awards evenings bring together hundreds of professionals for a glamorous evening of fine food, drink and celebration. Potential winners will be outlined in a shortlist before the winners are announced and awarded at the evening event. 

How can I submit my company for a Prolific London award?

You will be able to find details regarding submissions for awards on Prolific London news stories. We will announce when entries are open and detail how you can enter, and also let you know when last entries need to be in by. 


How do I submit a job to Prolific London?

In order to post a job on the Jobs board, you will need to create an account on the site. You can create an account here. After creating an account, you will be able to create a job post. 

What kind of jobs does Prolific London accept?

Prolific London is the first stop for job seekers in London's tech, creative and marketing sectors. Our readers are a diverse group made up of Marketing Directors, digital experts, journalists, PRs, MDs, media owners and senior managers. 

Is there a fee to submit a job to Prolific London?

There are multiple options available for job posts. For 30-day listings, a Standard job costs £350 + VAT and a Featured job costs £400 + VAT. You can find out more about the benefits included in these packages here and you can inquire about multi-job discounts by contacting our Business Development Manager Carol White on carol@prolificnorth.co.uk

Can I add internships or work experience placements to Prolific London?

If you want to discuss adding an internship or work experience placement on the Prolific London Jobs section, please contact Carol on carol@prolificnorth.co.uk.

Can I apply for a job through Prolific London?

The Jobs section of the Prolific London site displays a wide range of employment opportunities. Click on each Job post to find out what the company is looking for. At the bottom of the job page, it will tell you how to apply - usually either on the company website or by sending a CV and covering letter to a company email address.


How do I create a business profile for my company?

Prolific Profiles are an excellent way to reach our wide audience of industry specialists. Follow the Create your Prolific Profile link where you can submit the necessary information to create a cost-effective and high impact profile. Once you've done that, we'll contact you to complete the set up of your Profile. Each Profile costs £399 + VAT.

What can I do with a Prolific London business profile?

Our Prolific Profiles allow you to profile your company, advertise to thousands of potential partners or candidates, highlight your team's expertise, showcase your portfolio, share your social channels and offer a compelling overview of your company for potential clients. 

What reach will my Prolific London business profile have?

Profiles are featured on our Prolific London newsletter - which reaches more than 8,000 - and will be directly linked in all relevant stories on our site. Each profile is listed for a whole year on the Prolific London website and is fully mobile-optimised.

What are the benefits of creating a business profile for my company?

A Prolific Profile reaches the largest community of marketing, advertising, tech, digital and media professionals in the region. There are huge SEO benefits for your website and the chance to show off your very best work on our site. 


What training courses does Prolific London run?

Prolific London runs training sessions held by leading industry specialists covering digital marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media, PR, Marketing, eCommerce, Leadership and Management. Our portfolio of training courses is always expanding, with courses held both in the North and London. They offer quality teaching and hands-on, practical learning to help fill skills gaps in your teams. All courses include takeaways and notes.

I am an expert, how do I organise a training course or session with Prolific London?

Please directly contact Nicky Wake, our MD, on nicky@prolificnorth.co.uk, to explain your plans and set up your training course with Prolific London.

How can I buy tickets for a Prolific London training course or session?

Each upcoming training course is listed on Prolific London's Events page. Simply find the event you're hoping to attend and you'll be able to read about it there. Follow the link on the event page to reach our ticket-buying link, hosted by Don't Panic Events.


I have an idea for a feature, can I pitch it to Prolific London?

Please feel free to make feature suggestions to either Charlie Spargo or Josh Peachey. We welcome opinion suggestions from business figures in the region, as long as they regard a fairly topical subject and are non-promotional. However, we cannot guarantee a response to every pitch. 

I would like to be featured within a piece, how can I arrange this?

If you are an expert and would like to offer a comment regarding a developing story or very current topic, please email news@prolificlondon.co.uk. Please note, we will not be able to respond to every proposal we receive. To discuss inclusion in a feature piece, on the other hand, please email Charlie Spargo or Josh Peachey. Suggestions for other contributions are always welcome.

How do I appear in a Week In My Life feature?

If you are a senior member of the city's creative, marketing or tech sectors, we would love to hear about what a week in your life looks like. Please send an email to josh@prolificnorth.co.uk to discuss which slot we can schedule your contribution for. Our Week In My Life features are published every Monday. They are very popular and get booked up months in advance; we're looking for interesting goings-on and unique habits that make your working week remarkable.

How do I appear in a What I've Learnt feature?

Creative specialists with a story to tell are welcome to take part in a What I've Learnt feature, which are released every week on Wednesdays. Please send an email to charlies@prolificnorth.co.uk to discuss which slot we can schedule your contribution for. We can then send over our questions for you to complete. What I've Learnt features give leading figures the chance to speak candidly and openly - even humorously - to our wide range of readers, giving others the encouragement to try and meet their standards of success.

I'd like my company to appear in a Where We Work feature - how do I go about doing that?

Our Where We Work feature showcases the most innovative offices in the capital. If you work at an office that's modern, attention-grabbing, streamlined, innovative or simply one-of-a-kind, we'd love to see inside. Contact josh@prolificnorth.co.uk to discuss this further. We look for lots of high-resolution photos and a unique spin that makes your office fit for purpose.

How can I get coverage in a My Startup feature?

Young companies taking a novel approach to their sector - we want to hear from you. Our My Startup features are released every Tuesday and cover some of the most exciting and forward-thinking organisations around. Please directly reach out to Josh Peachey or Charlie Spargo to discuss your company and see if it'll make a good fit.

We can then send questions for a senior member of your founding or management team to answer, and we'll also need some great imagery to go alongside it - that includes a team photo, your product in use, people being helped by it, and/or your logo.