The Future of Money and Digital Payments

The Future of Money and Digital Payments

We're bringing together experts in the financial industry to discuss the future of money and digital payments

The financial industry is undergoing a revolution in the way it handles and transfers money.

Digital platforms and updated regulations are creating opportunities for new entrants to the market who challenge the existing order. These changes have profound effects for the banking industry, payment services, electronic money, digital currencies and investment techniques and also allow wider access to banking and payment platforms.

Drawing together experts from around the industry, we are meeting to discuss these changes and how businesses can maximise opportunities in this changing landscape.

Principal Speaker

Nigel Dean of My PinPad will speak about future payment systems and payment services regulation.


Jack Davies of NChain – covering the challenges presented by new blockchain based payment systems and whether Bitcoin SV and Etherium 2.0 and others can scale up to financial services

Paul Harwood of Wallet Systems – on privacy and the challenges of identity in the digital economy

Ed Cotton of Delio – on democratisation of wealth and investment through new platforms

Rem Noormhamed of Acuity – on the marriage of regulation and technology

Chair and Introductions

Jon Geen of Acuity Law

The event is free to attend