Prolific London Roundtable: Influencer Marketing

Prolific London Roundtable: Influencer Marketing

Prolific London's next roundtable discussion, in association with Smoking Gun PR, will cover one of the hottest and most opinion-dividing topics of the moment - influencer marketing.

Invitation only.

Brands and advertisers must now always be on the lookout for the most authentic ways to work alongside influencers - ensuring the right audience is reached effectively.

Add into the mix concerns about changing social media algorithms and regulations, and it's no wonder influencer marketing is such a huge topic for organisations. This is why we're bringing together eight of London's industry-leading figures to join us in a discussion about the subject.

On the day, which will be held at Accelerate Places on Hammersmith Broadway, the discussion will start with these topics and go from there - covering the efficient auditing of influencers, engaging micro-influencers, the latest trends, extending to future predictions about the nature of the market.

The roundtable will take place on September 18th between 9:00am and 11:30am; a morning of discussion, networking and a complimentary breakfast.

Brands hoping to have their say are welcome to get in touch to discuss inclusion in our panel using the link below.

Prolific London's roundtable events serve as a great opportunity for network creation and idea development.

Each roundtable is written up in detail by one of Prolific London's journalists, and released in full on our widely read website and newsletter. Our latest Prolific London roundtable was 'Charity Fundraising in the Digital Age'.

This event is invitation-only. Please contact Rebecca Waterhouse on if you're interested in attending.

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