Digital Voices tasked with YouTube briefs from and Fasthosts

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by Josh Peachey

YouTube agency Digital Voices has been tasked with engaging large audiences on the streaming site for both and Fasthosts.

Founded by 29-year-old Jennifer Quigley-Jones in 2017, Shoreditch-based Digital Voices has worked with global brands including Rolls-Royce, the RAF, Universal Music, the Post Office, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and more. has tasked Digital Voices with raising brand awareness for their home rental service through partnerships with creators across YouTube and Instagram.

For Fasthosts, Digital Voices will be running its Techie Test campaign, that aims to engage a highly technical web developer audience on YouTube.

Quigley-Jones said: “It’s been another amazing year for Digital Voices, which is a testament to the talented team we’re building. Having worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, we continue to showcase the power of YouTube for Influencer Marketing.

“Our relationships with creators mean that our campaigns excel. We spend a lot of time liaising with both content creators and clients, to find brilliant ideas that work for both parties and perform exceptionally well. With YouTube, creativity wins. Digital Voices strives to balance a creative and data-driven approach.”

Emily Vandervell-Thomas, Marketing and Brand Manager for Fasthosts, said: “We approached Digital Voices when we were researching our first influencer marketing campaign. When we met with them we were incredibly impressed with their knowledge and experience of the industry. 

"Throughout the campaign planning process, they were honest and transparent with us about the results we could expect, and were confident enough in the activity that they were recommending that they guaranteed specific results.”