You’re hired! Lord Sugar Tweets support for Johnson as next PM

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by Mark Johnson

One of Britain’s most famous bosses, Lord Alan Sugar, today tweeted his support for Boris Johnson as the UK’s next Prime Minister.

Londoner-Lord Sugar, who is best known for being the tough boss in BBC TV show The Apprentice, sent the tweet after Johnson succeeded in the first round of voting among Conservative party members.

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“I seriously back @BorisJohnson to  be the new PM.” Lord Sugar tweeted. “The public like him and he will have a good chance of winning the general election in 2021 if not before. 

He then added: “Any one who can stop @jeremycorbyn from becoming PM has my backing.”

The man who would be PM: Johnson through to 2nd round in leadership contest

The move took some by surprise, as Lord Sugar has previously been critical of Johnson and cohort Michael Gove in relation to Brexit.

He previously said the two men should be “prosecuted” for the “lies” they told during the second referendum as Leave campaigners.

Lord Sugar is the founder of Britain's most famous computer brand - Amstrad. The company's name is made up of Sugar's initials as the first three letters - AMS - and an abbreviation of the word trading.

He is now the Chairman of AMSHold Group, a privately held company based in the UK capital.

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