Greg Rusedski appointed Brand Ambassador for ActivePosture

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by Mark Johnson

London-based sports label ActivePosture has appointed former tennis champion Greg rusedski as its brand ambassador

The announcement comes as the startup celebrates its one year anniversary. ActivePosture makes the Posture Shirt, which it claims is a one of a kind a medically approved device that helps activate muscles in the back and shoulders for improved posture. 

During his tennis career, Greg Rusedski had his fair share of injuries, not least with his shoulders. The Posture Shirt has been able to provide him with support for his shoulders and back as well as a better general awareness of his posture. 

Posture an issue in sport 

“Many tennis players have poor posture due to the wear and tear of serving”, Rusedski said. “In my case, this has led to a few shoulder issues.

“My Posture Shirt from ActivePosture helps me to be more aware of my posture and gives me great support. 

“The benefits include improved alignment while playing tennis, as well as being brilliant to wear under my suit to prevent slouching during lengthy days in studio. My Posture Shirt serves me well!”

Neurobands incorporated into the Posture Shirt prevent the wearer from slouching via bands inspired by Kinesio-taping, subtly training inactive muscles with a constant gentle reminder to straighten up. 

Muscle memory

Due to the muscle memory gained from wearing the Posture Shirt, over time the wearer will become less reliant on the shirt to provide the necessary support to align their posture.

ActivePosture said its Posture Shirt is the ideal support when exercising, whether that is playing golf, running, lifting weights or tennis. As a better posture will both lead to a better work out, and minimise risk of injury. 

Daniel Shilemay, CEO of ActivePosture, is thrilled to have Greg Rusedski as the the brand’s first UK Brand Ambassador and says:

“Bringing in Greg Rusedski as our brand ambassador for our 1st anniversary was a very easy choice. 

“Our Posture Shirt is a medically approved device helping people who struggle with back and shoulder pain related to poor posture. 

“We have been searching for a person that could relate to these issues but also, who can identify with our company’s values of integrity, credibility and passion; Greg ticks all these boxes.

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