Ed Sheeran stars in ketchup advert he originally pitched to Heinz

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by Mark Johnson

Global music sensation Ed Sheeran’s dreams have all come true - Musical success, endless wealth, bags of talent and now he’s even starred in a TV advert for Heinz ketchup.

More than that, the advert came about from a pitch that Sheeran once made to the company, outlining the scenario. 

The advert starts with a message telling viewers it is “Based or a real DM from Ed Sheeran”.

Edchup to go: Sheeran stars in Heinz sauce advert that he pitched.

In the ad, Sheeran walks into a super posh restaurant and starts telling viewers about the pitch idea he sent to the brand maker.

The 28 year-old singer ambles through the restaurant to his waiting table. A waiter brings him a super-posh, super healthy “blah, blah, blah” dish.

Unimpressed, the singer reaches into his backpack and pulls out a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup. Haven’t you just always wanted to do that?

According to Sheeran, the idea sprung to mind while he was visiting an expensive restaurant. The “type of place with chandeliers, paintings on the wall and too many forks on the table”, he says in the commercial.

This is the first advert, but we’re betting that more will follow. After all, Heinz and Sheeran are both now internationally recognised brands.

Global food brand Heinz has even created a bottle of Heinz tomato ‘Edchup’ to go with the global campaign, which will run in front and social as well as on TV.

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