Adidas Outdoor teams up with trials cyclist Danny MacAskill for campaign

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by Mark Johnson

Sports giant adidas Outdoor has teamed up with Scottish trials cyclist and YouTube star Danny MacAskill, for an  inspirational brand film as part of the firm’s ‘Here to Ceate’ campaign.

MacAskill, who is the star of multiple YouTube smash-hit viral films such as Red Bull’s Imaginate, shows off his amazing skills in the new brand film for adidas Outdoor, created by Cut Media.

It launched on MacAskill’s Youtube channel on Tuesday 4 June and has already been viewed nearly half a times.

At three and a half minutes, the film shows MacAskill performing a series of incredible tricks demonstrating both his imaginative approach to his riding and his unparalleled skills.

Here to create: MacAskill performs his trademark bike moves for adidas

Appearing to be self-filmed, the spot opens with Danny setting up a shot with a beautiful Scottish harbour as a backdrop. 

The film takes us through a series of locations as the athlete uses local landmarks and the epic wilderness of the Highlands to do some amazing riding. 

Authentic feel

We also see some shots where Danny fails to land a line, giving the film humour and an authentic feel.

The style of the film is very straightforward. There are no gimmicks or dynamic camera shots, just clean, well-composed frames with beautiful backdrops, Cut Media said.

Adidas campaign 

This filming technique was used to align with adidas’ ‘Here to Create’ campaign, and to highlight Danny’s position as a creative athlete, who demonstrates his skills through film instead of competing in events. 

The film represents a continuation of Cut Media’s long-standing relationship with Danny, including Imaginate and Wee Day Out for Red Bull, and it is also the fourth campaign the creative agency has worked on with adidas. 

Cut Media previously collaborated with adidas on the Claim Freedom documentary, the Two BOA shoe launch and the Mountain Project. 

It was filmed on location in the coastal village of Dunbar and Glencoe in the Highlands, to the soundtrack of ‘The Wind that Cried The World’ by the Phantom Band.

“We spent an amazing few days at home in Scotland filming the project”, said MacAskill, who is an Ambassador for adidas and its Five Ten outdoor brand. 

“The film captures so much about what I love about riding, with the freedom to explore cool locations and push my riding level”

Stu Thomson, Founder and CEO of Cut Media, said: “We wanted to keep this film authentic, and connected to Danny’s roots. The playful nature and impressive skills of Danny’s riding along with the beautiful Scottish backdrop are definitely the star of the show.”

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