UK online mortgage broker Habito launches new ad campaign

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by Mark Johnson

London-based ‘robo’ mortgage broker Habito has launched two new ad campaigns aimed at taking the pain out of people seeking home finance.

Hot on the trail of Habito’s loud, bold and disruptive ‘Hell or Habito’ TV ads which first aired in Autumn last year, come two new 10-second TV executions aimed at further highlighting the plight of UK mortgage-holders and would-be homeowners, the company said.

Launched this week, the first animation features a male protagonist who suffers such extreme anxiety and stress that the room fills with his sweat causing him to drown in it, but not before he is attacked by a shoal of rabid piranhas.

The second animation features a female character who, trapped and engulfed by the remortgage paperwork and mounting costs that surround her, succumbs to grotesque tentacles that emerge from the stacks of documents to suffocate and literally squeeze the life out of her.

Both, thankfully, end happily with a timely release from death-by-mortgage delivered by Habito, the fee-free and jargon-free online mortgage broker, heaven-sent to make mortgages easier and better. 

“Our ads are deliberately colourful, playful and irreverent”, said Abba Newbery, Chief Marketing Officer at Habito. 

“But while the scenarios are heavily dramatised they reflect an all-too real truth: that people find the process of getting a mortgage utterly hellish. 

“Our insights tell us that two thirds of people suffer from mortgage stress and £15.5 billion is wasted on mortgages every year because homeowners are paying too much interest.”

“Frankly that is unacceptable. For too long the odds have been stacked against customers. 

“Baffling jargon and a lack of transparency when it comes to switching means they are completely disempowered. At Habito we’re turning the mortgage market on its head and putting customers back in the driving seat.” 

 As with the previous ‘Hell or Habito’ TV spots, Uncommon worked with Strange Beast on the animations while Dutch band Noisia once again provide the frenetic soundtrack to the mortgage hell depicted.

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