Digital product studio Potato names new head of design

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by Mark Johnson

Digital product development studio Potato, located in London, Bristol and San Francisco has appointed Raymond Manookian as Head of Design in London. 

Prior to Potato, Manookian was Creative Director at The BIO Agency.

“Ray has been defining and developing brand experiences for the best part of two decades”, said Commenting on Ray’s appointment, Potato’s joint-CEO Scott Ewings. 

“He brings a wealth of creative expertise to Potato from his time at places from Barclays to EY-Seren and will be a key player in our mission to design, develop, and launch purposeful and effective digital products and services for ourselves and our clients.”

Commenting on his appointment, Manookian said: “Great design is powered by form, function, relevance and integrity. 

“Potato designs for people and looks for the simple truth that brings people and brands together, and this is at the heart of what I do.”

Manookian’s past projects have included the launch of Barclays Wealth Management platform and lifestyle service The Little Book of Wonders, leading design for the Hay Festival of Literature, and creating an above-the-line advertising campaign to celebrate 50 years of Amnesty International. 

The hire is part of a larger strategy across Potato to grow its design, development and coaching capabilities in each studio. 

There are currently open positions in London, Bristol and San Francisco to support Potato’s growth.


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