A+C Studios creates coronavirus-themed public service announcement for LEGO

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by Josh Peachey

Launched over the Easter weekend, A+C Studios and The Lego Group joined forces to ask UK families to be heroic by staying at home, protecting the NHS, and saving lives. 

Shot over three days, the 90’ stop-motion animation was created by Margate-based A+C Studios. 

Animators and 2D artists worked collectively across online communication channels to create the campaign whilst also adhering to national COVID-19 guidelines. 

No live-action shots with actors were commissioned, only stop-motion filming. With one stop-motion artist working alone with lots of LEGO, all A+C Studio 2D animators and post-production specialists worked from their home setups. 

Dan Richards, Director and owner, A+C Studios said "When The LEGO Group ask you to make a film for a young audience at a time like this; you say YES. We'd set up the A+C Crew to work remotely a few weeks back - finishing other productions. 

"Spread across seven houses in Margate, we were all ready to jump onto this project and consequently, we were able to turn this work around in a short space of time; three days (including nights) in total. Not being 'on-set' and directing via web cams was at times frustrating but we’re super proud of what we’ve produced.” 

Opening in front of a Lego Houses of Parliament, the LEGO newsreader addresses the nation as he asks young and old British citizens to be heroes and stay inside this Easter weekend. 

Watch the Lego characters give guidance on how to stay safe

Requesting “a new hero to step up. You. yes, YOU”, the character explains the simple ways in which everyone can be heroic during this pandemic; staying at home, protecting our NHS and saving lives. 

Emma Perkins, Senior Director, The LEGO Agency EMEA “Play helps children and families come together at the best of times – and the hardest of times. We wanted to use this brief, to create a PSA targeting UK families, to help change children’s perception of the lockdown by giving them a positive role – as Heroes! 

"We did this by bringing together an agile team from LEGO Agency, who wrote a super fun script, and the awesome animation talents at A&C Studio. The animation team brought all the LEGO fun to life with wonderful brick-built scenes, all created in just three days working under lockdown conditions ourselves! A great team effort.” 

Highly Unlikely Productions in London produced all the audiowith We Are Social Studios in London producing all motion graphics and supers. Scripting, editing and creative direction by The LEGO Agency team. 

“It was a real team effort, We worked really hard to get this over the line. I'm really proud of our team and am yet again amazed at what we can create in such a short amount of time, in such challenging circumstances,” added Richards.