Luxury branding agency Woven becomes official Walpole sponsor

Josh Peachey's picture
by Josh Peachey

London brand engagement agency Woven has announced its sponsorship of Walpole, the official sector body for UK luxury.

Walpole is a not-for-profit organisation that ‘promotes, protects, and develops’ the UK’s luxury sector, worth nearly £50bn to the country’s economy.

Hollie Denby, Woven’s Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “It’s an honour to be involved with Walpole. Our experience with prestigious brands means we’re perfectly placed to help Walpole further the UK’s luxury industry, promoting its growth both in this country and in emerging markets.”

In promoting the luxury industry’s interests, Walpole lobbies governments, hosts idea-sharing and networking events, and runs the annual mentoring programmes Brands of Tomorrow and the Programme in Luxury Management at London Business School.

As Walpole’s creative branding agency sponsor, Woven will help businesses that target high-net-worth individuals to better position their brands, uncover new audiences, and secure their long-term prosperity.

Julia Woolley, Head of Business Development at Walpole, said: “It’s vital that UK luxury brands have access to insight-driven and creative marketing agencies to help them survive, grow, and flourish. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Woven – an agency whose experience within the luxury sector shines through - as an official Walpole sponsor.”