Creatives team up to challenge the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in greeting cards

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by David Prior

A number of leading creatives have teamed to launch a series of inclusive Valentine’s Day cards to challenge the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in greeting cards.

Working in collaboration with US-based LGBTQ+ charity GLAAD, the project is the mastermind of The Gate London creatives Beth Grace and Hannah Cunningham, and features 16 unique designs created by illustrators, designers and artists from all over the world.

Each card will be made available as high resolution files for a small donation made to GLAAD. The designs will be posted daily over the course of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Contributions to the project include designers and illustrators working across a number of advertising agencies, including Havas London, The Gate, as well brands like Asos. Other illustrators include Georgia Soteriou, Phillip Harris and Thomas Hedger.

See some of the designs here:

Cunningham and Grace said: “The project began from a frustration surrounding the lack of representation in the greetings card industry, with Valentine’s Day being the catalyst. We struggled to make sense of the fact that on a day that champions love, a whole spectrum of love is being excluded.
“By partnering with a large range of illustrators, designers and artists we wanted to broaden the scope of styles and designs, with the hope that everyone could find a design that fit with their type of love.”

Illustrator Phillip Harris added: “The world already has enough barriers and the LGBTQ+ community have to often fight for acceptance in other aspects of their lives, why should a simple everyday task of finding a card for their partner be an issue?”