DLMDD creates new sound identity for language learning app Babbel

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by David Prior

Sonic branding agency DLMDD has created a new sound identity for Babbel, the world’s top-grossing language learning app.

Named “The Perfect Fifth”, the identity - which launched in tandem with Babbel’s latest campaign “Accent Yourself”, by Forsman & Bodenfors - will be heard by audiences across every touchpoint throughout the user journey.

Created by composer Dom James, it's been designed to act as a "sonic counterpoint" to the perceived challenges often encountered when conversing in a new language.

Babbel’s latest campaign “Accent Yourself”, by Forsman & Bodenfors

Sylvain Lierre, Director, Consumer Insights & Brand Marketing at Babbel, said: "The digital industry is surprisingly behind on understanding the power of sound identity to build strong brands.

"At Babbel, we believe that it's an essential element to our brand strength: we're in language learning but what we sell is the ability for people to have a conversation in a new language. So equipping Babbel with its own 'voice' via a unique sound identity made a lot of sense, from marketing all the way to product."